Weaving with Scarf Shuttle

Weaving a Nordic Rug

When I was ten, I first learned to weave on an inkle belt loom at a girl scout meeting, where weaver and author Evelyn Neher was a guest. In high school, I drove from my home in Stamford, Connecticut to nearby Greenwich to learn floor loom weaving from fabric designer and author Klara Cherepov.

I hold a B.A. from the University of Connecticut and a masters, in print journalism, from American University. After a few years working on Capitol Hill for a major newspaper (in the teletype and typewriter era), I moved to Vinalhaven, Maine. The island is a place where knowing the phases of the moon and the tides without looking at a chart is instinctive. I started a seasonal retail store, weaving in the winter and selling in the summer. The store ran for a decade.

In the mid 70’s, I made a life-changing six month trip to a weaving and design school in Oslo, Norway. It was as if I had lived in Norway in another life. Things made sense: the politics; the emphasis on the environment; and the strong, simple sense of design. The origins of the clean nordic style were so clear everywhere: the cobalt sky meeting a black building; the ends of logs in a woodpile; and the almost startling light.

I learned to go from two to three dimensions from sculptural knitter and author Katharine Cobey, of Cushing, Maine. She taught me that fibers can speak.

In 2011, I went on another pivotal Scandinavian trip, this time a knitting tour of Iceland and the Faroe Islands. I saw the landscape in the Icelandic lopi patterning taught by Ragga Eiriksdottir. Faroese designer Katrina i Geil, in many ways, continued Katharine’s pattern breaking thinking. Katrina made me aware that my work could be more textural.

I am now doing watercolors…strongly colored abstract landscapes, at the moment.

I have chosen the chameleon as my symbol. It represents elements of importance to me: nature, color and change.